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How it works

Register and confirm ownership of tz-account

Calculate the insurance amount

Top up the insuring KT-account

Insurance calculator

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Your insurance plan

In order to incentivize insured bakers we mark them in our bakers rating with a star. Additionally we pin to the top of the rating bakers with coverage greater than 65%. Here is a complete list of boundary values:
Coverage 35% 65% 95%
Insurance Deposit {{ insuranceOptions[0].deposit }} {{ insuranceOptions[1].deposit }} {{ insuranceOptions[2].deposit }}
Marked in rating Empty star Half-empty star Filled star
Pinned to the top yes yes
The calculator provides an estimated value. It does not take into account, for example, affiliated delegators. For a more precise calculation, please contact us.

What we do

Pay your clients in case of mistake or default

Help you with setting up and using payment automation tools

Update and publish your rating based on the insurance coverage

Insured Bakers

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Frequently Asked Question

Your funds are kept on a separate KT-account delegated to your service, so your staking balance is unchanged. Only Baking Bad has access to this account.
Yes, but your insurance coverage will be lower, as is your rating.
If node efficiency is below 90% per cycle, unpaid rewards will be covered by the insurance. This is not applicable in case of network failure.
The baker have to pay delegators by himself according to the same scheme he uses while calculating the insurance amount.
We can't guarantee 100% success, because there are other factors like node size and efficiency, that influence the delegator decision. We suggest to start with a small insurance amount and increase it with the delegated funds growth in order to keep the desired coverage percentage (100% ideally). Also note that your insurance deposit is delegated to your bakery so your staking balance remains unchanged, and lost profit is negligible.
Each cycle we keep 0.1% of the amount on the security deposit, the frozen funds remain on the deposit account until a sufficient amount accumulates for withdrawal. If the baker's coverage is more than 100%, the fee is keeping of the amount at the rate of 100% coverage.
Submit termination request via
Insurance deposit will be returned after 14 cycles. This is a time reserved to notify all your delegators. Next month after the submission is free of charges.
All insured bakers will be notified 14 cycles before any change in terms and conditions. They will be able to refund insurance deposit in case of refusal of new insurance terms.

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